Nga uri o Parahirahi Ngawha Waiariki Trust

Cena od NZD 6,00 NZ$
  • Trvanie: 2 Hodín (cca.)
  • Poloha: Kaikohe, Northland
  • Kód produktu: PSB

We invite you to bathe in the healing waters of our 16 geothermal pools at Ngawha Springs and let the ancient energy revitalise your senses while the minerals from deep in the earth permeate your body.

Each pool has its own unique characteristics and healing properties with differing temperatures, colours, and minerals. 

Ngawha springs have a long history of being a restorative and healing place to visit. We have long used the natural springs to replenish our wairua (spirit), alleviate the sensation of pain, and repair common ailments.  

You are booked for a 2-hour session. The session will start immediately at the session time you have booked for, at the end after 2 hours and you must vacate the pools immediately. The session will be closed off 1 hour after your session start time, e.g if booked in for a 6 pm session 7 pm will be the latest time you can enter. 

Suitable clothing must be worn, and we advise you that your swimwear and towels will have a residue odour of thermal springs. We have towels for hire for $10 each. 

Please refer to our general terms and conditions for more details about the use of the springs – you will receive these in your booking confirmation or do check in the footer of our website. 

Beneficiary Concession Conditions

To qualify for the Parahirahi Ngawha Waiariki Trust uri rate you must be a confirmed beneficiary to receive this concession.  To register as a beneficiary go online at 

We advise you, if you are not currently registered, to register in advance of coming to allow time for your registration to be processed.

If you registration has not been confirmed, you will need to pay the difference between what you have booked and the either the concession rate that applies with proof of address or the General Admission price.

Nga mihi.